Four D Systems Inc. is closely allied to Berkeley Engineering and Research Corporation, Bear Inc., and its sister corporation, Four D Imaging, Inc. formed in Berkeley, California seven years ago to develop pipeline monitoring technology.

All of the inventors are closely connected to the University of California Berkeley. Our staff was instrumental in developing the medical MRI system, and they hold seven basic patents on the medical MRI system. Our work on the medical MRI system led directly to our development of the Magnetic Response Imaging system for pipelines. We have two patents pending on our MRI pipeline system.

We have a long history of pipeline R & D. Our first engineering engagement was to solve major safety and reliability problems on the Alaska Pipeline. Our expertise in engineering forensics led to our participation on a team analyzing the 2010 San Bruno, California pipeline explosion as well as the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are presently accepting orders for U.S. or worldwide locales for installations of the FourD MRI system on pipelines within refineries and in the field. Email info@4dimaging.com to place an order.