Coke Drum Scanning for FEA Evaluation

With over 30 years of experience in the Oil And Gas industry, the 4D Imaging team is ready to assist in evaluating coke drums for cracks, bulges and other potential problems that might cause a refinery to shut down. We evaluate coke drums on a regular basis using laser scanning technology and our propietary software for FEA analyses.

Mobile Scanning System

Our engineers are on 24 hours alert and ready within 2 hours to catch the next flight in order to fit a scanning round in between your coker cycle. This allows minimum interruption of operations.


Data is instantly transferred to the Berkeley Headquaters regardless in which part of the world the scan is performed. There engineers evaluate the raw data and then transform this data into an FEA analysis. A report is provided overnight. This allows timely decision making at the refinery.

Fitness for Service

For older coke drums, we recommend a fitness for service test.


This will check the stress points during heat up and cool down of a coke drum. It helps to evaluate how the coke drum is managed and in most cases, a smarter management regime will help extend the lifetime of a coke drum for many years.

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