Level 1 through 3 Assessments

4D Imaging provides a full range of Fitness-for-Service services from straightforward Level 1 through complex Level 3 assessments requiring elastic-plastic finite element modeling with cracks and deformed shapes. We can either assist your engineers in setting up MathCad or Excel models with "locked" calculation fields (right) for use by your inspectors, or 4D Imaging can perform the complete analysis.

Fitness for Service Research

4D Imaging has performed extensive fitness for service research, contributed to the writing of the current API 579 Fitness For Service code, and applied our knowledge and techniques to a wide range of products and equipment (e.g. hundreds of pressure vessels and piping systems, including the Alaska Pipeline, rollover protection systems for trucks and automobiles, nuclear waste containers, artery implant and pacemaker connections, and many other devices).

Structural Analysis

4D Imaging can perform all levels of structural integrity assessment with short notice and rapid results. The finite element analysis model at left analyzes the transition section of a 300' tall, 12' diameter tower during heat treatment of the welds with wind loading. Clients using our services include Chevron, TOSCO, BP, ARCO, the Golden Gate Bridge District, A/C Transit and many others. 4D Imaging can also perform on-site strain gage and thermal couple testing to more accurately assess load conditions, as well as determine material fracture and fatigue properties in our full service laboratory.

Structural Testing

The cracked 6 inch diameter piping elbow (shown below) is part of a pipe fatigue testing program that was conducted at 4D Imaging for ARCO.