Lifetime Corrosion Monitoring with MRI


An installed MRI system monitors a pipeline by measuring its magnetic domains and reporting metal loss or pipeline deterioration to base monitoring computer(s). The power requirement for the MRI system is very modest; it costs approximately ten dollars per month per 100 feet of pipeline. In a refinery, the line current may be used, or for the field, a solar power source may be used. Reporting of the status of a pipeline is through the internet or via telemetering to one or more host computer stations.

Damages to pipelines are classified as material and weld failures, corrosion failures, and evacuation problems. Our MRI system is sensitive to all of these, and reports to the base computer and the web immediately when damage occurs.

Our MRI system may be installed over insulation with aluminum sheathing, underground, under water, and in hazardous regions. It is immune to electrical and other noise sources, and is dependable for the very long term.

We are presently accepting orders for U.S. or worldwide locales for installations of the FourD MRI system on pipelines within refineries and in the field. Email to place an order.