Accelerated Scanning of Corrosion Under Insulation


The portable scanning system uses the same technology as the permanent system, in that it relies on the magnetic response of a ferromagnetic pipe or tank. The key difference is that the portable system is used to scan a suspected area instantaneously, rather than over a long period of time. In addition, it can be moved to different sections of pipe or tank at will. This system can be used on pipes with up to 3 inches of insulation including the aluminum cladding, and detect down to 5-10% metal loss.

The portable MRI system uses one all-use sensing module, and switchable fitting pieces that are custom made to the specifications of the pipe or tank that it will be used on. These pieces are modular and inexpensive, and can be switched out so the device can be used on all geometries.

The sensor is designed to be connected to a laptop which runs proprietary 4D software for data analysis. The portable system also comes with a battery pack that can be charged, or an AC outlet can be used.

We are presently accepting orders for U.S. or worldwide locales for installations of the FourD MRI system on pipelines within refineries and in the field. Email to place an order.