Pipeline and tank scanning

Pipeline and Tank Scanning MRI Systems

4D Imaging Inc. offers two state of the art products for use in corrosion scanning, namely for detection of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). The permanent system is designed to be installed on new pipes, and monitor corrosion over the course of months and years. The data recieved is telemetrically transmitted to any computer around the world. Learn more about the permanent MRI scanner here.

The portable system is used to produce an instantaneous corrosion reading over a smaller area, rather than a long term corrosion monitoring system. The portable system uses a similar technology as the permanent system, but scans multiple times a second instead of once an hour or once a day. This can be used to get a quick corrosion reading of suspected corroded areas. Learn more about the portable MRI scanner here.

We are presently accepting orders for U.S. or worldwide locales for installations of the FourD MRI system on pipelines within refineries and in the field. Email info@4dimaging.com to place an order.