In the 3-dimensional workspace, the critical path to exceptional results begins with data collection, preferably lots of it. 4D Imaging products deliver a combination of speed and accuracy – always leveraging your best efforts by capturing as much information as possible.

The HoloScanner® series includes versatile tools applicable to many industreis with a complementary set of productivity software tools. 4D Imaging products are carefully developed to meet the needs of designers and engineers. The series includes an array of configuarations within the standard HoloScanner® Series.

4D Imaging proudly presents the HoloScanner® Series of three dimesnional data collection tools that where designed for applications in engineering, the scienes and the arts.

HoloScanner® Mark II An exceptional tool for parts inspection and prototyping
This unit scans objects ranging in size from 1 to 50 feet with options to scan very large objects. The system is created to support a variety of environments. An exceptional value for manufacturing parts inspection and prototyping.

HoloScanner® Mark III A high value small foot print 3D Scanner
Designed for use as a “table top” scanner for objects ranging in size from less than an inch up to 5 inches. The device can be scaled down to microscopic precision with applications in the medical field.

HoloScanner® Mark IV The Engineer's choice: fast, flexible and affordable
Designed to scan large or small objects with incredible detail fast with no setup time. Objects can be as far as 50 feet away. Automatic registration of large objects is an option on this unit, using our highly accurate “Cloud-to-Cloud” registration software.